The First Shared Task on Discourse Representation Structure Parsing
The IWCS Shared Task on Semantic Parsing. Gothenburg, 2019
A Natural Tableau System for a Natural Language Slides
Workshop on Proof Theory and its Applications. Ghent, 2018
Compositional Semantics in the Parallel Meaning Bank Slides
(Invited talk) LACompLing. Stockholm, 2018
Universal Semantic tagging Slides
(Invited talk) Meeting on Meanng Representation. Asker, 2018
Lexical Knowledge Acquisition with Theorem Proving Poster
CLIN 28. Nijmegen, 2018
Towards Universal Semantic Tagging
12th IWCS. Montpellier, 2017
LangPro: Natural Language Theorem prover Poster
EMNLP. Copenhagen, 2017
The Parallel Meaning Bank Poster
38th TABU Dag. Groningen, 2017
A Natural Proof System of Natural Language
CLIN 27. Leuven, 2017
The Parallel Meaning Bank
CLIN 27. Leuven, 2017
Natural Solution to FraCaS Entailment Problems
5th *SEM. Berlin, 2016
A Pure Logic-Based Approach to Natural Reasoning
20th Amsterdam Colloquium. Amsterdam, 2015
Solving an RTE Task with a Theorem Prover for Natural Language
11th TbiLLC. Tbilisi, 2015
A Tableau Prover for Natural Logic and Language Poster
EMNLP. Lisbon, 2015
A Logic of Belief with the Complexity Measure Slides
Workshop on Logics for Resource-Bounded Agents. Barcelona, ESSLLI, 2015
A Natural Language Theorem Prover Slides
Joint session of CoCoNat and WoLLIC. Bloomington, IN, 2015
A Logic of Belief with a Complexity Measure
Trends in Logic XV: Logics for Social Behaviour. Delft, 2015
Natural Prover for Natural Language
36th TABU Dag. Groningen, 2015
A Wide-Coverage Tableau Method for Natural Logic
(Invited talk at the seminar). Ochanomizu University. Tokyo, 2014
Towards a Wide-Coverage Tableau Method for Natural Logic
11th LENLS workshop. Tokyo, 2014
A Logic of Belief with the Notion of Complexity
Rene Descartes Lectures. Tilburg, 2014